‘DHCC ‘Unfiltered: Beauty & Dermatology Season’

Throughout the years, our duties which bring with it different forms of stress negatively affects our bodies, both physically and mentally.  The ‘DHCC ‘Unfiltered: Beauty & Dermatology Season’, taking place from 21 December 2020 to 31 January 2021, aims to reconnect us with ourselves by highlighting the different facets of beauty through various disciplines. 

During the season, the DHCC community will launch several initiatives including live events and promotions for the wide array of services from across specialties such as aesthetics, dermatology, mental health, plastic surgery, dentistry, wellness, nutrition, and ophthalmology. It will also introduce the public to the qualified healthcare professionals working in more than 50 DHCC’s facilities offering services in these specialties.  

The season will be supported by the Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF). In its 26th edition, the world’s biggest and longest running retail festival will be the perfect celebration of everything Dubai is famous for — unparalleled family fun, shopping and with a COVID-19 safety approach. The DHCC season promotions will be included in the DSF calendar, providing a health and wellness pillar to the festival.