SRL Diagnostics

SRL Diagnostics

"SRL Diagnostics is the only standalone CAP accredited laboratory in DHCC and the largest in UAE. With 8 specialized Doctors in various lab sub specialties closely monitoring reports & quality systems in the Lab, SRL Diagnostics is able to offer the largest test menu performed locally. This allows us to improve greatly on the Turnaround Time of reporting for routine as well as the most specialized tests in Molecular pathology and Cytogenetics complemented by prompt support  to referring Doctors. We enable referring doctors to make timely and informed decisions regarding their patient’s line of treatment.
SRL Diagnostics’ footprint extends beyond UAE and covers most of the GCC countries and many African countries.
SRL Diagnostics is part of Fortis Healthcare International Pte. Ltd., headquartered in Singapore. With operations in 10 countries and across many verticals including 75 hospitals with more than 12,000 beds, 580 primary care centres, 188 day care speciality centres, 190 diagnostic centres and a talent pool of over 4,000 doctors and 23,000 employees; The Fortis Group is truly an integrated healthcare delivery organization renowned globally for Quality and Efficient Operations."


  • Dasgupta Amar ( Clinical Pathology | Language: English, Hindi )
  • Fattah Aseel ( General Pathology | Language: English, Arabic )
  • Uppal Shweta ( Clinical/ Anatomical Pathology | Language: English, Hindi )

Accepted Insurance

  • Avita and Adnic Avita, ADNIC
  • NAS