Mental health is a national priority in the UAE, with the government introducing policies and initiatives to improve the mental wellbeing of the society. In Dubai, the government is pushing to remove the stigma attached to mental health through its ‘Happy Lives, Healthy Communities’ strategy.

In line with the Dubai government mental health strategy, the Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC) Mental Health Awareness Program is an initiative which aims to address stigma, empower patients and improve public health and wellbeing. 

The program, ‘Stigma ends when a conversation begins’, was launched last October, in collaboration with DHCC’s clinical partners specializing in mental healthcare, to raise awareness on mental health issues such as anxiety and depression and ways to tackle them.

Since its launch, the program has offered more than 100 complimentary consultations and awareness activities in several academic institutions including Zayed University and Amity University in Dubai. 

In DHCC, close to 30 clinical partners offer mental healthcare services.