Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC) has welcomed practitioners of Complementary & Alternative Medicine (CAM) for years, providing patients with a choice of both traditional and modern medicine. 

In 2018, DHCC partnered with the Guangdong-Macau Traditional Chinese Medicine and Technology Industrial Park (GMTCM Park) from Macao to increase understanding of a system of healthcare from China that has diagnosed, prevented and treated diseases for thousands of years. Both parties joined hands to increase awareness of Traditional Chinese Medicine - TCM for short, and to promote international development of TCM in the DHCC free zone and beyond. The partnership also contributes to national efforts to increase cooperation between the UAE and the Republic of China.

In May, DHCC and GMTCM Park jointly organized the 2019 ‘Dubai-Macao TCM Exchange Program’. Supported by Beijing Tong Ren Tang, a DHCC-based facility, it provided a platform for cultural and knowledge exchange between both countries in the field of TCM. The Program included a launch ceremony, an accredited seminar, patient consultations, and an exhibition showcasing Traditional Chinese Medicine and Complementary Alternative Medicine. The CAM specialties were represented by DHCC-based partners Diversified Integrated Sports Clinic; Dr. Batras Homeopathic Clinic; Dr. Shyams Ayurveda Centre; and Physical Health and Healing Center