DHCA, the governing body of the free zone offers three types of legal frameworks:

  1. Free Zone Limited Liability Company
  2. Branch of a Foreign Company
  3. Branch of UAE Company/Establishment

No, DHCA only offers the two commercial license options below: 

  1. New Incorporation of a Free Zone Limited Liability Company (FZ-LLC):
  2. Branch of an Existing Foreign/UAE Company


The average processing time to incorporate a FZ-LLC or branch is 48 hours (subject to submission of all relevant documentation and payment of all fees).

No, a DHCA-issued license is valid for business operation inside DHCC free zone territory only.

Yes it is mandatory for DHCA-licensed businesses to lease premises for operation in DHCC because commercial licenses issued by DHCA are subject to leasing a premises for operation within the DHCC free zone.

A commercial license is valid for a period of one year (renewable on an annual basis).

The DHCC free zone has its own governing body: DHCA.