Phase 2 re-launch

Phase 2 is Dubai Healthcare City’s expansion into wellness, completing the continuum of care. Occupying 22 million square feet, located along Dubai Creek, Phase 2 will drive wellness tourism together with medical tourism.

DHCC recognized early on that healthcare needs to evolve from only clinical care to preventative care. Our expansion plans will drive the global trend of preventative healthcare taking into account local and regional healthcare demands and demographic changes.

We will introduce for the first time in the region unique water-facing rehabilitation and wellness offerings covering 3.3 million square feet to cater to all age groups including the older adult population, and to ensure people are healthy - physically and mentally.

We have designed optimal space so 25 per cent is dedicated to medical and wellness services, 25 percent is dedicated to hospitality; and staying true to our vision, we will provide scientific focus at a school level.

Key projects in Dubai Healthcare City Phase II

DHCC Phase i & 2