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How to contribute:

Supporting kidney failure patients happens through donating a kidney to them through living or deceased donation. Should you wish to support a loved one who suffers from kidney failure in the UAE, by donating your kidney to them, please contact one of our hospitals to find out if you're a possible match. As per UAE's law of 2016 on Organ and Tissue Transplantation, living donation can happen between relatives up to the fourth degree and also between a couple whose been married for not less than 2 years. To read more, the law is accessible in Arabic. click here

Although living donation serves as a solution to many, lots of patients suffering from kidney failure unfortunately do not end up having a match within their own circle of relatives. Whilst the UAE is working hard on plans to activate the kidney exchange program, we all can contribute in saving lives by making a choice of registering to be organ donors. An organ donor can save the lives of up to 8 people. When one registers to be an organ donor, he or she made a choice to save lives when they pass away, even though there are no guarantees that they will be in the right situation that allows for them to be organ donors. Yet, declaring their wish to be organ donors when they are still alive is an extremely humane and courageous decision to take. In that regards, the Ministry of Health & Prevention launched its initiative Hayat, that you may download as an application, or register through Hayat's website to become an organ donor. Take the decision, register today and make a difference. click here

Patient Kidney Fund in partnership with Al Jalila Foundation:

We are pleased to launch a dedicated ‘Patient Kidney Fund’ in partnership with Al Jalila Foundation to support patients with kidney disease who are unable to access quality treatment.

With your generosity, we can help vulnerable patients receive the life-saving treatment they need to regain their health.

How it works:

Al Jalila Foundation will receive the funds raised and assess patients’ to receive financial support for their treatment at authorised clinical facilities in the UAE.

How to donate:

  • To donate via bank transfer, click here, mentioning ‘Patient Kidney Fund’.
  • To donate via credit card, click here, selecting ‘Patient Kidney Fund’ in the dropdown box.

Together, we can save patients’ lives