Service Provider

  • We are based in Dubai, we offer all types of Government Services, as a professional services company, we are able to help you with obtaining employment visas, family residency visas, business license renewals/modifications, company documents such as labor computer card and immigration card, employee labor cards and more. We have excellent business relationships with the Department of Naturalization & Residency (DNRD), Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs (MOL), Department of Economic Development (DED), Land Department, Dubai Court, Dubai Health Authority and all other relevant government institutions

    Working Hours  : 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM

  • Fixit Express provides its services to customers as follows:

    Prepare, mobilize and provide and also follow up on all kinds of applications for licenses and permissions for all government departments and non-governmental organizations such as Director of Residency and Foreigners Affairs, Emirates Identity Authority, Department of Labor, etc. In addition, we specialize in offering new applications and refurbishment of commercial licenses, including licenses for free zones in Dubai. We also prepare and submit and follow up on all kinds of visa applications with all embassies and consulates in the United Arab Emirates.

    Wokring Hours : 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM (Sunday-Thursday)

  • L'ami is the first medical boutique in the UAE and an exclusive agent for CHEROKEE uniforms.
    Offering large collection of ready-made medical uniforms: stylish lab coats, colorful scrubs in many designs, maternity scrubs, spa uniforms and footwear.


    Working hours:  9:00-1:30  4:00-9:00  Friday closed

  • As a member of SME that we are providing government services in the same branch plus Masar services if needed as well.

    Working hours: 5 days a week, 8 Hours a day