Rehab Season

Rehab And Wellness Season - Reshape Your Life

In September 2023, Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC) launched the 'Rehab and Wellness Season: Reshape your Life' initiative to raise awareness about the prevalence of substance abuse and digital addiction. DHCC organised an awareness seminar in collaboration with Dubai Police and the American Wellness Centre to discuss digital addiction.

The seminar, held at Society in October 2023, hosted leading experts in the topic of digital addiction such as Capt. Eng. Abdulrazeq Ahmad from Dubai Police, and Dr. Muhammad S. Tahir, Consultant Psychiatrists & Neurologist Child, Adolescent and Adult and Medical Director of American Wellness Center, who gave a comprehensive explanation on digital addiction, and shared informative insights on how to identify gaming addiction, how digital addiction and e-crimes are interconnected, and what are the recovery methods.

Moreover, DHCC highlighted the dangers of digital addiction and e-crimes through a social media campaign, focusing on insights from leading experts such as Dr. Saliha Afridi, Clinical Psychologist and Managing Director at Lighthouse Arabia, who shared tips on identifying gaming addiction in children and discussed the four Cs of addiction: cravings, compulsion, (loss of) control and consequences.


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