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Setting up Business

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Business Options

Business Options

When you set up in DHCC you join a thriving community of more than 400 leading global and regional brands some of which have chosen us for their regional headquarters. You will be backed by superb administrative support to ease the set-up and foster growth.

We have an attractive range of leasing or land purchase packages in both DHCC Phase 1 and Phase 2 and are open to joint venture proposals.

Phase 1 overview

The 4.1 million sq ft DHCC Phase 1 in Oud Metha is dedicated to healthcare and medical education

This thriving community with excellence at its core is home to a plethora of accredited hospitals and clinics in DHCC striving to help people heal better and feel better, maximizing the ability of highly qualified healthcare professionals and optimizing the latest in healthcare technology From global healthcare organizations to regional hospital groups, and single- and multi-specialty clinics, Phase 1 provides access to patient-centric and evidence-based care whether you are a resident or a visitor, while giving potential partners direct access to a exhaustive network of knowledge and expertise.

As we expand, residents and visitors will continue to experience a community where health and wellbeing are our reasons for being.

phase 1

Phase 2 overview

Spanning more than 19 million square feet, overlooking the historic Dubai Creek and Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary, Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC) Phase 2 in Al Jaddaf, will be an urban oasis for our partners, businesses residents, visitors. A community that encourages healthy living, promotes sustainable design, and welcomes innovative concepts in healthcare and wellness from across the globe, Phase 2 is already home to a number of world-renowned institutions.

At DHCC, health and wellbeing are our reasons for being and Phase 2 is perfect for future-focused businesses, and health and wellness innovators with a desire to develop available serviced land in line with our vision.

Your Options

Unit Type Approximate Available
Sizes (in SqFt)
Fitted Shell & Core
Clinical 1500 - 6000
Commercial 1500 - 17000
Offices 1500 - 17000
Retail1300 - 3500
Executive Desks & Offices 200

Clinical Complex

This houses an array of specialty clinics and day-surgery centres, all with integrated technology, as well as pharmacies, medical equipment, pharmaceutical companies, healthcare recruiters and consultants.

Commercial and Retail Spaces

Fifteen state-of-the-art buildings offer a range of premium-designed offices for all business types and are supported by ample indoor and outdoor parking which can be reserved.

Business Centre

This houses fully furnished offices and open space workstations for SMEs and start-ups and is a great DHCC launch pad. There are two leasing options: The Executive Desk space, or the fully-fledged Executive Office which accommodates 2-3 staff.

  • Executive Desk: This option is perfect for companies that require minimum space to complete office work. Clients are eligible only for two visas. Size: 50 sq. ft. Executive Desk rate: AED 35,000 per annum Lease term: Minimum of 1 year and maximum of 2 years
  • Executive Office: A full-fledged furnished office environment available in different size. Clients are eligible only for three visas. Size: 100 sq. ft. Executive Office rate: Starting from AED 60,000 per annum Lease term: Minimum of 1 year and maximum of 2 years

Long-term Leasing Solutions

With great agility we cater to the needs of businesses and offer plots for leasing Clinical or commercial offices qualify for plots with an average gross floor area of 100,000 sq. ft and a recommended height of up to seven floors.

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